Sandro Rosell announces club breakaway plan

On a day when England are doing battle in a “pointless” friendly, we’ve not heard much from our dear, morally unencumbered media about a plan which will drive a rift in football across Europe and permanently change the landscape of your team for the worse. Barcelona president Sandro Rosell has announced the intention of the European Clubs Association (ECA) to breakaway from UEFA if their demands are not met by 2014. The ECA’s clubs voraciously greedy desires for football include:

  • Reduction of major European leagues, including the Premier League, to sixteen clubs
  • Expansion of the Champions League to include EIGHT clubs from major leagues
  • Champions League fixtures played at weekends
  • Reduction of international fixture list
  • Pound of flesh from every football supporter

This website has before covered the previous rumblings of discontent from Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the ECA chairman, but these have always been more vague and woolly statements urging FIFA and UEFA to clean up football. Now, Rosell has lit a firework under European football which will doubtless explode sooner or later:

We want a bigger Champions League and hope one day we could play perhaps Barcelona versus Manchester United on Saturdays. That’s what we are aiming for but to increase doesn’t necessarily mean to do it with UEFA.

Many fans might be thinking at this point: “great, I’d love to see Manchester United play Barcelona more often and on a Saturday afternoon”. And well you might, but sometimes as adults we need to learn that too much of something can become bad for us. Here’s why Rosell’s idea is mad, evil and would spit on your grave if it could:

  • Your ticket prices will go through the roof. Again.
  • So will your TV subscriptions
  • As will the cost of merchandise
  • And the cost of following your team away from home

There are sundry other problems concerning lower league clubs, international football, player wages and many more to do with the very fabric of the game, none of which end well. The trouble is that the average fan doesn’t care – they’re happy paying out their cash to watch football which isn’t much better than that played by players who also have day jobs, and they don’t care for much else besides supporting “their boys”.

Football is no longer a sport to them, it’s a soap-opera. If the Premier League was a magazine, it would be full of those little sachets of crap cosmetics which people use to clean their ovens. It’s front cover would be adorned with brightly coloured star-shapes, containing such headlines as:

  • Romance: Milan is in love with Didier, but secretly fancies Nicolas!
  • Fabulous Summer Look! Why Robin will be simply DIVINE in red and white next August!
  • John Terry: My ostracism hell and how I survived.
  • Exclusive: Roberto Mancini reveals his heartbreak over love-rat Carlos.
  • “I’M INNOCENT” – Accused André fights back!

Many fans are so blindly loyal to their team, and their “duty” to support it, it’s debatable whether they’d stand up for what’s right if their football club punched their granny in the face. After all, they let it have its way with their wallets whenever it wants to.

So, let them have their little European Super League. There’s little anyone will be able to do to stop it, UEFA probably least of all. And once the fans of Manch£$t£r Unit£d, Ch£l$£a and Manch£$t£r City have been bled dry, and left to rot, they’ll realise their stupidity.

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A long time follower of non-League football, Mark also takes an interest in the murky antics at the top of the pyramid & in the infamous FIFA House.