World Cup: Don’t mention the media

You may not be aware of this yet, but England will play Germany in the last 16. When it became clear that it was England v Germany next up, I had mixed feelings. I very much like Germany as a country, and a people. I have learnt “ein bisschen” German, but not as much as […]

World Cup: A Difficult Journey

I want to tell you about a very long and arduous car journey my friends and I took recently. It is a cautionary tale of companionship and teamwork gone bad. And yes, it does have something to do with football…

World Cup: Media set their sights on Capello

Can you hear that? A continual, grating noise emanating from South Africa. Annoying isn’t it? No, it’s not the sound of 10,000 vuvuzelas but rather that of the English media sharpening their knives for Fabio Capello. Yes, England have played one so-so game at the 2010 World Cup and they are already moving up through […]

The Tuesday Shortlist – Pointless Punditry

This week’s shortlist gives the legions of paid pundits some alternative suggestions to keep them blathering on throughout the second half of the season.

Owen controversy building early

Our beloved media love easy controversy, and Michael Owen’s potential omission from the England World Cup squad might be just what they are looking for. But there are genuine reasons why leaving Owen behind could be a good idea.