World Cup: The English Inquisition

As the feed from the BBC News channel switched to the FA’s press conference room, the greatest surprise was that the media hadn’t hastily constructed a gallows. Certainly Fabio Capello must have felt he was about to be read his last rites by the assembled hacks, one of whom pathetically asked whether he thinks he […]

7 things England must do before they can win the World Cup

England’s embarrassing mauling at the hands of Germany has left us yet again feeling unfulfilled at the World Cup. Yet no matter how much we pay foreign coaches to come and sort out our brave boys, nothing seems to change. Something bigger is wrong in English football. Here is a list of seven things that […]

World Cup: England – another inquest

So let’s all sit down, take a deep breath, consider all the facts and then….ah, stuff it, let’s just get rid of the Italian. England were completely, utterly, embarrassingly destroyed by Germany. 4-1. Or, 4-2 if your name is not Jorge Larrionda, but that’s for another post, another day. The simple truth about this match […]